Composition is a gallery showroom with a curated collection of offerings based off our own four-pillared philosophy: Artefact (original vintage), Object (newly produced classic designs and unique wares), Interiors (styling + design services and architecture) and Print (design literature and art). 
In late 2018, Composition was conceived. After an extensive self-guided architectural tour of Europe, director Claire Perini discovered a missing niche from Australia’s offerings - curated design from the worlds most recognised 20th Century Designers, as well as lesser known discoveries. 
Inspired by Harry Siedler's first office & the German phrase ‘Gesamkunstwerk’, Composition began extending an offering of selected pieces at the forefront of the design studio for sale. This became the impetus to generate conversation with like-minded people and to assist clients in the curation of their interiors. 
Since opening, Composition has been a success in the industry with collaborations and partnerships across Australia and recognised internationally. Composition partners with other 20th century specialists throughout Australia as well as high end publications, stylists and architectural practices. The studio showroom is available additionally for events & collaborative product launches in Avalon, NSW.
At Composition, we believe the interior should be a tapestry of your life’s journey, reflecting history, tactility and connection to the land around us.

“From the German phrase ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ which equates to ‘total design’, is the ethos we at Composition, aspire to adhere too. From your first handshake with the door handle, to the knives and forks placed on the dining table, the team at Composition and myself believe that every tangible item within the interior is to be carefully considered. Which is the main preface to why we host such a carefully curated showroom to present to our clients.”  — Claire Perini, Director & Interior Architect