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Kenzō Tange: Architecture for the World

Kenzō Tange: Architecture for the World

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Kenzō Tange (1913–2005) is a peerless figure among twentieth-century Japanese architects, unmatched in his talent, influence, and versatility. This collection of essays represents a new generation of original research that reframes Tange in the context of Japan’s unique embrace of modern architecture as well as global discourses of cultural identity, technology, and the synthesis of the arts. Case studies on celebrated works clarify Tange’s wide-ranging interests and design methodology through collaboration with allied fields such as art, engineering, furniture design, and photography. The book will appeal to both specialists and general readers with an interest in the visual culture and built environment of modern Japan. Sen g Kuan is assistant professor of architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. He organized the exhibition Utopia Across Scales: Highlights from the Kenzo Tange Archive (Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2009).


Lars Muller


Publication Date: October 25, 2012


Hard Cover


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9.84 x 0.67 x 8.15 inches
192 Pages



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